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Shower Blow

Hey there once more everyone. John Persons brings you some more superb works of his in this week’s scene as well as you get to see another comic with one of your favorite blondes once again. Miss Jenny if you will recall got to meet coach Black in the showers last time that you got to see her. Well it seems that this busty beauty simply cannot have enough of his hard cock and so, they ended up regularly doing naughty things in the shower early during every morning. Let’s get to sit back and watch closely as you get to see the horny woman get to have some more of that mighty fine black cock all to herself once more shall we?

Like we said, this turned into quite a regular thing and be sure that even the blonde lost count of how many times she got fucked silly in the showers by his big black meat pole as well. In this one you get to see him rewarding him for another amazing cunt pounding with some more oral and as usual she’s simply amazing at it too. Take your time to see her starting to suck the tip with her juicy luscious lips first and see her as she then takes it more and more deeper in her mouth. You will get to see the blonde lady trying her best do deepthroat that huge cock this afternoon and the guy sure is happy with her performance too. Have fun and see you soon!


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