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John Persons presents Steamy Shower

Another fresh week and another new John Persons update is ready for you all to see. You most surely remember Jenny and her slutty scenes don’t you? Well Jenny is back this week along that deliciously sexy body of hers once more and once more again, she gets to join coach black in the showers once again. She’s just in love with his big black cock and she can never have enough of it. The thing is that she’s married and even she admits that if she wasn’t she’d definitely go for this stud’s companionship as she then could enjoy his cock any day of the week too. Well she does it already but she’d want to make it more official believe it or not.

Anyway, let’s get to see them getting to have another sex session in the shower and today we get to see how the babe gets to have some more hard style sex. Take your time to watch her spreading her legs for him on the shower floor, and then see her moaning as she takes his cock as deep as he can shove it in her wet pussy. We’re pretty sure someone might have heard her too. Anyway, after she gets to drain him of his jizz, you can also see the babe as she takes care to clean his cock as well at the end of it too. With that we take our leave once more for now, but to take your time to check out the past JohnPersons scenes and see more superb babes in action!


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John Persons The Plantation

Hey there once more guys and gals. We are back yet again with more new and superb John Persons galleries for you and as always we know that you will love them. And on this week’s comic strip you get to see the adventures of two high society ladies as they get to enjoy some nice and hard black cock, courtesy of a hot back stud that was working on their estate today. Well they did want to make sure that he wasn’t going anywhere, so you get to see them tie up the guy nice and tight to a pole in the barn first. Then they get to loosen their dresses too and you get some nice views of their simply amazing and sexy bodies as well. So let’s get started.


Like JohnPersons said, after the whole tying up process, the two little babes got around to put a nice little strip show for him as they took off their dresses and most of their lingerie. The only things that they kept on was their corsets and their stockings held up by garter belts. FYI for more taboo art and interracial cartoon porn you can check also! And by the time the two of them were done, the guy was already rock hard and ready to get to have some fun with their nice and hot bodies too. Sit back and watch the babes as they start to stroke his cock and watch them jerking him off and sucking his cock until he manages to shoot a nice and generous jizz load all over their superb bodies too. And after they untie him they get a hard dicking too!

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Private Party

As you know, John Persons does a amazing job to have some superb interracial scenes ready for you to enjoy every week and this is another superb one. You can check out the past scenes and see more superb babes as they get around to have their holes penetrated by big cocks as well so make sure you do that too. Anyway, this one is quite nice as well and you get to see a black sexy woman getting to visit her white friends with her boyfriend. The whole thing ended with a superb fuck with the two women and the black stud as everyone forgot about the white guy. So let’s get to see what happened more in detail today.

When the guy got to go and pick up some refreshments, the ebony cutie started to brag with her man’s huge cock, and the red hair not believing her, she had her man whip out his huge meat pole to prove it. As the guy came back with the drinks all he saw was his babe playing with that nice and big cock. And not soon after that he decided he wasn’t wanted anymore so the two other babes, got to have fun with the black man for the rest of the night. Watch the stud entertaining the women’s tight pussies with his huge cock and see him delivering a hard style dicking for the both of them by the end of this amazing comic today everyone! bye bye!


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John Persons The Pit Hood

In this new and hot John Persons gallery you get to enjoy more of what you can find around here. And that of course, is some hard style interracial fuck scenes with some busty and sexy babes. This one has a superb blonde getting to take a stroll down the hood only to be getting some cat calls from this stud around the corner. She pretended not to, but she does quite enjoy the attention when guys make reference of how they’d fuck her senseless since she looks so hot and always shows it off by wearing the tightest and skimpiest outfits too! Well let’s get to see her going to the next step with this corner dude today and you will surely have some fun!


As the guy eventually called her over, she finally decided to go there. She knew what she wanted and she liked where this was going. Take your time to see her letting the guy grope her nice and big round tits as she started to get more and more wet, and then you get to watch her lifted up in the air upside down as the guy wanted to have a piece of that eager pussy for this evening. Sit back and watch her moan in pleasure as her pussy gets liked by his tongue and meanwhile you get to watch her pull down his pants to reveal his huge cock too, and she starts to play with it as well. We hope you like it and we’ll have more JohnPersons scenes for you to see next week!

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John Persons – The Horny Coach

Well here we are once more with one babe that sure got your attention in past John Persons scenes. It’s the blue eyed blonde with pigtails and blue eyes and luscious lips that gets to star in this scene once more and you get to enjoy the view of her getting naughty and kinky once more. You got to see the coach banging the team leader in past scenes, but today it seems that this cutie knew full well just how Jenny got her sweet pussy pounded by his big cock as well and she was very much looking forward to get in on that action as well. So let’s take the time to see the cute blonde seducing the horny coach to fuck her nice and hard as well for this scene.

Like we said in her past scenes, this babe is quite good at sucking and slurping on cock and the coach knows that as well as many of the team players got to have their dicks cared for by this babe. He guessed that this babe was out for his cock as well so she didn’t have to do too much to get his attention rest assured. As he came out of the shower, the blonde greeted him just in a small pair of shorts and a very tight top that was doing a poor job to keep those big tits constrained. Anyway, you get to watch her go down on him and you also get to watch her show off her bust to him too. Enjoy the nice and long oral scene that you get to watch with her and have fun!


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Storm Bringer Fuck

Another fresh week and time to see one more new John Persons gallery as always. What we have here is another superbly hot and amazing scene in which you get to watch a super sexy and busty babe getting a thorough dicking from a nice and big black dick too. She’s a really beautiful and sexy brown haired babe with green eyes and generous curves with a lust for big cocks. And tonight she was getting one from her roommate as he just so happens to be a very well endowed black stud possessing a said big black cock. So let’s just get to it as you are about to see the busty lady getting one nice and hard style pussy pounding for this whole scene.


It all hapened as the dude came back from town and the babe out of the shower. It was raining outside and he was all wet too. Well she had it in her mind that he simply had to have her when he’d see her superb and sexy curves if she’d show up naked “at the right time” that he came home. Long story short, it sure worked and before you knew it, the babe was in her room with the guy working nice and hard on her pussy. Sit back and watch her moan loudly in pleasure as you get to watch her pussy fucked nice and deep and watch her getting his jizz load in her pussy as well as all over her big round tits and cute face as well by the end!

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Taking Three Cocks

This week’s new John Persons scene has another familiar face for you to see. Do you guys and gals remember the cute and petite librarian babe that you got to see in some past scenes enjoying a stud’s big black cock for the scene? Well today she comes back with another gallery and more sexual pleasing too. Do take your time to check that out as well if you haven’t already too. Anyway, in this superb scene, you get to watch the naughty and sexy blonde as she gets to have more juicy fun with the well endowed studs this afternoon. So let’s not waste time and just get the show on the road to see her in action as we bet that you are eager to see her too.

The babe and the guy met up a few more times to have some fun around the place and it seems that this time the babe was greeted by two more guys, which happen to be the guy’s buddies. Well she’s not one to pass up free black cocks as she has quite a lot of fun with them so today she gets to take care of all three of them too. Sit back and watch the guys getting to take turns to have her juicy red lips sucking off their hard and big cocks and then they get to take turns again to fuck her as well in the ass and pussy for the rest of the scene as well. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you next week once more with all new and hot JohnPersons scenes!


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John Persons The Cheating Bride

Today we have another new and fresh John Persons scenes to show you and this one is as hot as always. We know you love seeing blonde curvy babes getting stretched by big black cocks and this scene follows the same lines too. In it you will be watching a naughty and kinky blonde babe that just got married and it seems that she found the time to have some extra fun with the groom’s men on the side after the whole ceremony took place. And you can bet that she will regularly get their cocks without him knowing either. We say that because she already did this on a regular basis as well. Anyway, let’s get the show started and see her in action as well!


The sexy and hot blonde babe gets to the guys as soon as the thing is over. And you get to watch just how sexy and hot she was looking in her bridal dress as well. Well the guys were all ready naked and waiting with their cocks already rock hard and ready to play. Sit back and watch the busty blonde bride as she takes one of the cocks deep in her ass, and meanwhile you get to see her suck and deep throat the other two black cocks with a nice and sexy double blowjob as well. Suffice to say, that by the end of it, the babe also allowed them to blow their generous jizz loads all over that sexy body and cute face of hers in this superb JohnPersons scene too!

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Shower Blow

Hey there once more everyone. John Persons brings you some more superb works of his in this week’s scene as well as you get to see another comic with one of your favorite blondes once again. Miss Jenny if you will recall got to meet coach Black in the showers last time that you got to see her. Well it seems that this busty beauty simply cannot have enough of his hard cock and so, they ended up regularly doing naughty things in the shower early during every morning. Let’s get to sit back and watch closely as you get to see the horny woman get to have some more of that mighty fine black cock all to herself once more shall we?

Like we said, this turned into quite a regular thing and be sure that even the blonde lost count of how many times she got fucked silly in the showers by his big black meat pole as well. In this one you get to see him rewarding him for another amazing cunt pounding with some more oral and as usual she’s simply amazing at it too. Take your time to see her starting to suck the tip with her juicy luscious lips first and see her as she then takes it more and more deeper in her mouth. You will get to see the blonde lady trying her best do deepthroat that huge cock this afternoon and the guy sure is happy with her performance too. Have fun and see you soon!


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John Persons Rough Threeway

Hey there guys, John Persons is back again with yet more scenes for you to see. As always, you know that this is the best place to see some very hot cartoon porn with some superb looking ladies getting around to have some nice and big black cocks all to themselves. Well for this scene we have another blonde lady that went to a rap concert by herself. Her man didn’t want to go but she was betting on it as she had her very own agenda for it as well. And of course, that involved getting some nice and big hard cocks pounding her eager and wet pussy too. So let’s watch her getting just what she wants as she gets fucked hard today!


The blonde dressed to impress as well, and all she had on was a small and sexy dress and no lingerie with just her stockings and her high heels on. Of course, it didn’t take long for some hunks to take notice of her and the concert didn’t even have to finish for the babe and the two black studs to take a nice road trip to a nearby motel. And once there, she got to have as much fun as she wanted with them. Take your time to sit back and enjoy seeing this busty blonde babe as she gets to have her sweet round ass pounded while she sucks off the other guy in a nice and hot double fucking JohnPersons scene with two black studs this afternoon!

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