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Cheerleader Dildo Fucking

Hey there guys, John Persons brings you some more new and hot John Persons scenes today and you can bet that they are quite hot indeed. This week we get to visit the cheerleader team leader as she gets to have some quality private time in her office by herself for the afternoon. Of course, you get front row seats to the show and you can enjoy this scene seeing her pleasing herself all day long with her favorite toy. The thing is that she has quite a nice and big collection even at home but she always likes to keep spares at her workplace as well as in her bag as she never quite knows how horny she gets and in the mood to please herself. So let’s watch her in action today!


The hot babe as you can see, is a very sexy and good looking blonde with long flowing hair and bright blue eyes. Well it seems that she got quite horny as she was spending her time in her office and well like we said she had the toys around to play with herself too. Sit back and watch as she gets to take it out of a drawer and then you get to watch this sexy beauty spreading her nice and sexy long legs, and lifts up her skirt too. Watch her taking her time to please that eager pussy of hers and see her moaning in pleasure as she dildo fucks her cunt nice and deep today. We will return next week with some more scenes for you to see so stay tuned everyone!

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Cheating Wife Caught

We have some superb scenes to show off here for you today and we know that you will just adore them. For this first scene that you get to see, we have this super busty blonde babe that gets to sample some mighty fine back cock and of course you get to see her in action for the whole scene. And do rest assured that this is the best place to visit anytime that you want to see some wild and hot ladies getting into some hard style fuck sessions as well. So without anymore delays, let’s get this show on the road today and see the blue eyed blonde in action with this black guy shall we? We know that you guys are eager to see the action in it as well.

The scene starts off with the lady that we told you about taking this well endowed black stud back to her room to get some hard style dicking from him today. Of course, she makes quick work of her outfit and the guy’s as well and once that’s done, you can see her starting to suck and slurp on his huge meat pole to get it nice and hard for her pussy. And after she does that as well, take your time to see her taking her spot on top of his huge cock. You get to see her moaning loudly in pleasure as she receives her hard style fucking from the dark skinned dude this afternoon. So enjoy it and see you guys next week with another new and hot JohnPersons scene!


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John Persons – Cock Hungry MILF

Another fresh week and time to see another new John Persons comic everyone. As you know, this is the best place to go to when you want to see some mighty fine babes taking on some huge black meat and this one is a bit special. It’s a bit of a thank you for following us for so long and enjoying these sexy scenes all the time. So as you recall some updates ago we had a slutty and sexy blonde MILF teacher that got to get it on with two cops. Well, today the blonde slut gets to have fun with the principal himself and it’s quite the sight to see. So as always, without further due, let’s get on with it and see her in action.


Well for this visit to the principal’s office, our blonde sure was packing the slutty outfit as well. It was composed of just a white top that was struggling to cover those round gorgeous tits and obviously showing off plenty of cleavage too. And with that she just had a pair of shorts with no panties underneath either as she knew she was getting this dude’s hard and eager cock for the afternoon. Check her out taking all of that cock and deep throating it first, and after that she continues her foreplay by giving the principal’s huge cock a nice tit fuck too. Check her out taking a huge jizz load all over her majestic tits at the end too!

Check out this blonde MILF getting her huge tits jizzed!

First Black Cock Part 2

Hey there and welcome back guys and gals. Today John Persons has more good stuff to show off and it’s another part to the comic titled First Black cock. As you recall, the last time we left our blonde beauty by herself, she had her first sample of some fine black meat. Today she gets to take care of some more with the same guy and this time it’s her bottom holes that get a nice filling. She did prove herself to be quite the expert at sucking cocks last time, but this stud is going to teach her ass and pussy how to handle a real cock this time. Let’s get the show on the road without further due and see her in the wild action that goes down.

She had the same outfit she had last time as it just makes her look so sexy too. Well the two get busy right away and once more to open up the scene, you can watch her sucking and slurping on his dick like a pro. Watch her take off her panties for the guy and you can see the guy sliding his hand under her skirt to tease her pussy. Though as he does this, he inserts his nice and big cock in her tight fine ass. Watch her moan in pleasure with the anal fuck that the gets and rest assured that you get to see her pussy thoroughly pounded as well later. It’s one of those scenes you just have to see and with that we take our leave. See you guys soon!


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John Persons – HUNT

Welcome back as per usual. We have all new John Persons issues here to show off and we know you’ll love them. If you have been following the adventures of the sexy cheerleader named Kitty then you will be happy to learn that we have a new issue all ready for you. This one features one of the teachers at the said university and she is one incredibly hot and luscious MILF that likes to fuck every chance she gets. Today two black officers dropped by her office as they were searching for a buddy of theirs that happens to be another teacher around the place. And were they impressed when they saw this beauty with blue eyes giving them the looks.


How could she not, she was in the middle of fingering herself when they barged in and she was getting even hornier now that she had two stud with her. She’d always wanted to try some black cock and it seems this was the day that she’d get to try it. She was very happy to see that both of them were packing quite the sizable cocks and after sucking them off to make sure they were rock hard, the was all ready to take them both in her eager holes. Sit back and enjoy seeing this mature blonde take a double ass and pussy fucking this afternoon and have fun like always. We will come back soon with more new JohnPersons scenes for you to see!

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Horny Teen

Hey there, John Persons is back once more. And once more withy all new and hot scenes. This brand new one is as usual an interracial fuck with a sexy and well endowed blonde with short hair and blue eyes and you just have to see it. The slutty teen is just so fascinated with big black cocks and whenever she sees a black guy she always does her best to pick him up in a way and get him in her bed to fuck. At first you’d not normally know, but she’s a expert at handling big black dicks and that’s what you get to see her doing in this issue as she picks her next mark. We know you are eager to get to see her at work so let’s get started.

The babe was strolling down the street and of course, she was wearing her classy and naughty revealing outfit with the purpose to attract attention like we said. Sure enough, this black guys tarts to tail her and keeps cat calling. This in turn made her mode and more wet and eager so when they got to a more private neighborhood, the teen hottie pulls the guy over some bushes and straight up whips out his majestic cock to the pleasure of the guy. Take your time to see this slutty blonde sucking and deep throating that cock until the dude busts his load inside her eager mouth today. Enjoy it and check out some of our past scenes too for more!


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John Persons – Nasty Cheerleader

Another fresh week and time to check out one more fresh John Persons comic strip this fine day. This one is another new feature here and rest assured that it’s just as sizzling hot as the rest. It features the adventures of a college cheerleader named Kitty and she’s pretty much as agile in bed as one, so the name fits quite well. This first issue has her transferring to this new university and also giving her the first ever taste of black cock. And it’s something she becomes addicted to really fast as she learns that only big black cocks can satisfy her properly. Let’s kick back and enjoy seeing the blonde at work today without any more delays shall we?


After the game was done, Kitty here wanted to go to the locker room because she was late and all the other babes had already left. Well she didn’t know which one was which and she ended up going in to the guys’ one. No one else was there either, except the star player of their team and he was a mighty fine black stud in Kitty’s eyes. Well she was planning on getting herself off in the showers, but since the guy was here half naked and she was always curious about black cock, this was the perfect chance for her to fuck. So take your time to see her seduce him and watch her working and sucking on his humongous meat shaft this first issue until he blows his load all over her pretty face and big tits! Enjoy this hot JohnPersons scene and we’ll see you next time with more!

Enjoy watching this cheerleader getting covered with cum!

Sissy Boy

This week brings some more mighty fine and hot John Persons scenes for you to see and enjoy. Just like always we aim to bring you some of the best porn comics that you can see and we have a bit of a special one today. This one features a sissy guy that likes to cross dress and fool around with guys. As it turns out today he came across one dude that doesn’t mind pounding a nice and tight ass instead of a pussy either and he was packing some serious heat. That big black cock was waiting eagerly to be serviced and the sissy guy was inexperienced. That was okay though as the black stud was more than happy to let him learn how to work it.

So as the scene gets to start off, the sissy actually admits that he’s a guy. Like we said, the black stud didn’t care and so he starts to play around with the sissy’s body fondling it. Well now that the this slutty dude was getting in the mood too, you can see him whip out that big black cock and wraps his juicy lips around it, trying his best to deep throat and suck it. All the while, the black guy preps his nice and tight ass with his fingers. The anal finger fucking gives way soon to a proper dicking and even though it was a tight fit at first, the sissy sure got loose fast. Enjoy the view and we’ll see you next week as always with more!


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Slutty Nurse

Today we have more all new and hot John Persons scenes for you. This one features a black stud’s trip to the doctor’s office and you can bet that the guy has a very good reason to visit there so often. As you can see, that happens to be that his doctor in particular happens to be one super sexy and very slutty babe with short brown hair and green eyes. The name tag on that revealing coat of hers sais doctor Swallow and be sure that she adores doing a lot of that as long as the cock is nice and big. That was just the case with this one as this guy is one of her favorite patients and we think you might realize on the spot why.


The scene starts with the sexy woman sitting at her desk and filling in reports. The dude comes on and lifting up her gaze she asks if the visit is for the usual reason. The dude nods and with that she gets up, goes to the door and locks it while also pulling the blinds down as she doesn’t want any disturbances while she “examines” her patient. So she starts off by whipping out his majestic cock out of his pants and looking very happy to see that it’s nice and healthy and getting harder and harder as the guy stares at her generous cleavage. Sit back and watch the luscious woman give the guy a nice and long titfuck this afternoon and have fun with it too. See you next time!

See this nurse gettin her huge knockers covered with jizz!

Late For Class

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to one more new John Persons update just like always. You’ve gotten to see some incredibly hot and sexy comics with luscious babes thus far, but for this one you will be impressed again. This new scene features another hot blonde babe with a craving for black cock and there’s plenty of guys eager to help her out with her little naughty need. She’s also a college teacher so a class A mature babe too at that. Anyway, sit back and relax, as you get to check out her sexual action scene with the students. And make sure to not skip by a single image in this simply incredible comic strip everyone.


Well, it all starts out as miss blondie here makes her morning walk to class. And she always attracts attention with her high cut shirt that she keeps open to show off some cleavage too. That and with her miniskirt and thigh highs plus high heels makes her a walking bombshell of a babe. The two students that meet her in the courtyard just started to play with her body and you just have to see her struggling to convince them to go in a more private spot to fuck, as she was getting more and more horny and willing to fuck right there anyway. So check it out and see the babe fuck the two black studs in this one and stay tuned for the next sizzling hot issue for it.

Check out this hot teacher getting fucked by her students!

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