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John Persons is the best place for interracial cartoons and everyone knows that. Here you are going to find some of the nastiest chicks riding some of the biggest dicks you could ever imagine and the blonde below does just that. But this time she is pleasing an older guy and his monster black dick. In case you want to see more hentai porn is the place you must visit. But we’re not done with our scene, not even close. You guys must check this busty blonde out as she tries to please this older guys by getting those huge knockers fucked and jizzed. We told you here you are going to find some of the hotter chicks in action.

Wouldn’t you like to be in this guy’s place have that hot blonde and those huge knockers in front of you? We thought so too! The slutty blonde doesn’t stop there and after she’s done with getting her tits fucked it’s time for her pussy. Now here is where the actual fun begins at least for us. The nasty blonde had to work a bit to get this huge dick up her holes and the best part is that you can see it all the pictures below. This was all for this JohnPersons update but stay close because there is a lot coming your way and you are going to love it. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more interracial cartoons!

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John Persons Nerdy Chick

Another fresh week and it’s time for one more John Persons update for you to see. This time we have a little bit of a nerdy but very hot looking babe at the library where she gets to enjoy her very first big black cock. She was there enjoying reading a book, until she heard some strange noises. It seems that it was a black dude that was reading a very saucy erotic novel and he was quite enjoying it by stroking his cock and moaning. Naturally she was very intrigued to see him as she never got to see a cock of that size before. She accidentally made some noises that alerted the guy to her presence and well let’s get to see what happened next!

The guy asked her if she liked what she saw, and of course she did. Well long story short she told him that she’d kind of what to try out getting to play with a nice and big black cock and the dude was happy to teach her too. So after he undresses, the babe gets to her knees and you get to see the guy instructing her on how to jerk off his huge dick. After that the oral comes into play and you just have to see this petite blonde babe trying to fit that huge meat pole in her mouth as deep as she can too. Watch her deep throating the big dick and after a nice and long oral session, take the time to see her ass and pussy pounded as well all over the place!


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Morning Surprise

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to an all new and fresh John Persons scene as per usual today. Well you remember Jenny from the past scenes as well don’t you everyone? Today the mature blonde cheerleader trainer babe is back in action and you can see her in some more nice and sexy situations as well for the gallery. It seems that somehow she got herself in another interracial fuck and she didn’t mind it one bit as you can clearly see today. Let’s get around to take the time and watch her as she gets to enjoy some more black cock and have some fun with the coach of the football team today!


When their scene begins, you can see that the babe was in the shower all naked and making sure that she got squeaky clean. Not long into the scene, she is a bit shocked when coach Black, a beefy black stud makes his entry in the shower too. It seems that the busty beauty was in the men showers by accident. Well this was quite good for her as well since she could use a nice dicking once again to start the day proper. So take your time to see the two have some fun in the shower as they have a hard style fuck session under the hot running water too. We hope that you enjoyed it and we will be seeing you soon with more new and hot JohnPersons galleries as always everyone!

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Locker Room Blow

Welcome back to a new and hot John Persons gallery as always today everyone. A few updates ago, you got to see this slutty little cheerleader babe as she got to have some fun with a guy after the game. Check it out too and see her nice and tight pussy getting pounded. Also we have more blonde babes fucking too. Well it seems that the babe got around to motivate other black studs around to improve their grades and she has her very own special kind of motivating to do. And yes it does involve a pretty kinky sexual pleasing as you will see in her scene this afternoon. So let’s not waste time to just get to the action and watch her doing her thing today.

As the scene begins, she spots this one black stud and she follows him to the bathrooms. Once there she knows that she has him where she wants him too and as the guy sais by himself, he’d been looking forward to get to have some sweet fun with a cute busty blonde babe like her. Well she’s quite pleased by it and as soon as she whips out his cock she is about to be even happier. Watch her kneed down and take your time to see the slutty babe as she gets around to use her juicy lips to suck his black meat all afternoon long today. Rest assured that she’s quite good at sucking big black cocks and we sure hope to see more JohnPersons scenes with her in the future!


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John Persons Kinky Nurse

This new John Persons update has more of your two favorite things. More superb babes that get to be kinky and wild and more black cocks for them to play with in the scene. And we get to watch another classy blonde with blue eyes that gets to suck one some huge and hard black meat again in this one as she was needed to take care of this stud. She’s one hot nurse and rest assured that many would want to get to have a piece of her ass. Well joke’s on them as the lady only responds well to big black cocks and this patient of hers today had just what she needed, and namely just that. So let’s take our time to see her at play this afternoon!


You can see the horny blonde coming into his room and checking up on his charts and him on his situation. He had nothing major, he just had to sit in the room for the night. Well it was really lucky for this blonde as she had all the evening to herself to play with his cock. Even though at first he was a bit reticent, her convincing him included taking off her nurse dress to show off a nice and big round pair of tits too. And as you can imagine, that got him rock hard before you knew it. So sit back and watch her keel down as she then gets to deep throat and suck that cock until the guy gets to shoot his whole load into her eager mouth this afternoon!

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Horny Jenny

The team leader is back in this John Persons scene for the week. Last time you got to see the babe at play was in her own office as she got around to use a nice and big toy to please her eager cunt as much as she wanted and you got to see her doing a nice and thorough job of it as well. Well today, the busty blonde babe is back in action and you can enjoy watching her in another superb scene, but for this one, the cutie gets to have two real big black cocks all to herself. And as you can pretty much guess she was really happy about that as well. So let’s not delay and watch her in action once more as she gets to please two huge dicks this afternoon.

The guys dropped by her office on other business and it just so happens that even though she pleased herself today with a huge dildo, the babe was still in heat and needed some more fucking. The two guys were more than happy to help her out and rest assured that the babe didn’t have to do anything too special to get them interested. No one would be stupid enough to refuse sexual action to a babe like this one and with that you get to watch her whip out their nice and big cocks and she’s really impressed and pleased with the sizes too. Watch closely and take tour time to see her sucking and slurping on the cocks with a passion to get them nice and hard!


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Slutty Cheerleader

Another fresh week and time to see another new and hot John Persons scene. In this one we have another superb and sexy blonde that gets to take a black cock nice and deep in her tight wet pussy too. A few updates ago, you got to see the team leader of the group as she got herself pleased with her own big toy, so you can check that out as well, if you want to see another busty lady fucking herself nice and hard too. Anyway, coming back to this babe, you can see a pattern. These babes just love big things in her holes and the blue eyed blonde here is also very much in love with big black cocks. Let’s take the time to see her in action today too.


The scene starts off as soon as the babe gets off practice as she goes to visit her favorite player of the team after the game. She thought that some rewarding was due since he did so well and she’s very happy to get his nice and big cock deep in her pussy once again. Watch her remove the top and put on display her huge round tits and see her then lifting up the skirt as well to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath as well. Then you can watch her bent over and taking that dick as deep as it can go in her small wet cunt. Enjoy the fuck from behind that she gets and see her moan in pleasure as the meat pole fucks her nice and deep!

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First Black Dick

Time to see another new and hot John Persons scene in this superb update this week once more everyone. We got to see some black cocks fucking some sexy babes in the past and here we are with one more such scene. In this new one you get to watch a superb blonde housewife with superb body curves and long blonde hair as she gets to have her holes penetrated nice and deep right in front of her man this afternoon. Well let’s just get the show going as we bet that you guys want to see the slutty and sexy blonde taking a nice and deep ass and pussy fucking in her gallery today as well. So let the cameras roll without further due and let’s watch her play.

As the JohnPersons scene starts, the guys were already getting busy with her eager holes. The thing is that she called them in for some repairs, but as you can see, they decided to do some remodeling as well. And her pussy and ass were in need of that. Watch her as she gets to take it from behind from both black cocks in turns. As her man makes his entry to the scene too, even though he pleased with them to stop, she’ll have none of that since she just adores the feel of that cock inside her eager and horny ass today. Do take your time to enjoy this superb scene today and also do come back next week for another new scene with more hard style fucking!


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The Dark Lord

Today’s John Persons update is another hot one and we know that you will truly enjoy it as well. Mainly because it has another superb and hot interracial fuck scene that you get to watch and enjoy. Anyway, let’s take the time to see this cute and sexy petite blonde with glasses as she gets to take her first hands on experience of a nice and big black hard cock this afternoon. She’s a therapist and this guy was due for a sessions. Well as you can bet, things took quite a turn later in the scene and we know that you guys can already anticipate what’s coming next too. Let’s get the show on the road and see the babe in some JohnPersons action with the guy this afternoon.


They do get to discuss about stuff and things, but all of a sudden the guy asks the petite babe if it would be fine for him to make himself a bit more comfortable. Thinking that he just meant the jacket and stuff, she agrees, but soon she learns that the guy takes off all of his clothes. And then takes his seat back on the couch. Well now the blonde can’t focus at all since she kept staring at his big black cock. And to tease her more, you get to see the guy getting hard and starting to stroke his huge cock in front of her. And you can bet that the little cutie eventually jumped to the occasion to play with his cock as well by the end of it too!

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Club Slut

Hey there once more everyone. We are back this week with new and fresh John Persons scenes and more porn comics and of course, you get to enjoy them all as well. In this update we have another sexy and hot blonde as she gets to enjoy a nice and hard double dicking from two well endowed ebony studs and she quite enjoyed it as well. This scene features a ghetto club that everyone likes to visit and busty blonde babes like her are a regular sight as they always go there to get themselves some nice and hard black cock every night. Well this particular scene shows off how they always manage to get into the club without a fuss so let’s watch the action.

Looking as good as these babes do, you can bet that it has special perks. They pretty much just have to bang the door guy and they can get in. And you get to see the blonde in this scene taking the studs to a more private part to give her “fee” for entering. Sit back and watch as you can see her sucking their mighty fine black meat poles to get them nice and hard, and then see her pussy and ass stretched nice and hard as the guys fuck her nice and hard all evening long too. One dude gets to shove his cock balls deep in her ass and thoroughly fuck her that way, while the other, when he’s ready to blow, pulls out and blows his load all over her cute face as well!


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