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Sissy Boy

This week brings some more mighty fine and hot John Persons scenes for you to see and enjoy. Just like always we aim to bring you some of the best porn comics that you can see and we have a bit of a special one today. This one features a sissy guy that likes to cross dress and fool around with guys. As it turns out today he came across one dude that doesn’t mind pounding a nice and tight ass instead of a pussy either and he was packing some serious heat. That big black cock was waiting eagerly to be serviced and the sissy guy was inexperienced. That was okay though as the black stud was more than happy to let him learn how to work it.

So as the scene gets to start off, the sissy actually admits that he’s a guy. Like we said, the black stud didn’t care and so he starts to play around with the sissy’s body fondling it. Well now that the this slutty dude was getting in the mood too, you can see him whip out that big black cock and wraps his juicy lips around it, trying his best to deep throat and suck it. All the while, the black guy preps his nice and tight ass with his fingers. The anal finger fucking gives way soon to a proper dicking and even though it was a tight fit at first, the sissy sure got loose fast. Enjoy the view and we’ll see you next week as always with more!


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