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Late For Class

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to one more new John Persons update just like always. You’ve gotten to see some incredibly hot and sexy comics with luscious babes thus far, but for this one you will be impressed again. This new scene features another hot blonde babe with a craving for black cock and there’s plenty of guys eager to help her out with her little naughty need. She’s also a college teacher so a class A mature babe too at that. Anyway, sit back and relax, as you get to check out her sexual action scene with the students. And make sure to not skip by a single image in this simply incredible comic strip everyone.


Well, it all starts out as miss blondie here makes her morning walk to class. And she always attracts attention with her high cut shirt that she keeps open to show off some cleavage too. That and with her miniskirt and thigh highs plus high heels makes her a walking bombshell of a babe. The two students that meet her in the courtyard just started to play with her body and you just have to see her struggling to convince them to go in a more private spot to fuck, as she was getting more and more horny and willing to fuck right there anyway. So check it out and see the babe fuck the two black studs in this one and stay tuned for the next sizzling hot issue for it.

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